Municipal administration and youth cultural center

Year started: 2019 obshtestvena-poruchka-hitrino
Readiness State
Opening of a construction site / Act 2
Excavation activities
Rough construction
Act 14
Finishing works
Exterior facade
Completion of construction / Act 15
Permission for use / Act 16
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Carrying out major repairs and energy efficient rehabilitation of the buildings of the municipal administration and youth cultural center, located in the urbanized area of ​​the village of Hitrino, Hitrino municipality. The contracting authority of the project is the municipality of Hitrino. The buildings were built in the 60s and 70s of the XX century. They function as buildings of the municipal administration - municipal public property. A restaurant, a pharmacy and a municipal people's council are part of the constituent premises of the buildings located in the central part of the settlement. The construction represents IV - th category - constructions under art. 137, para. 1, item 4, letter “B” of the Spatial Development Act. Some of the main activities performed are: major repairs and reconstruction, restoration, equipment, implementation of energy efficiency measures for buildings and others. The project was completed in 2020.