Areas for recreation and entertainment in the town of Shumen

Year started: 2018 Stroitelno-montajni raboti
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The contracting authority of the public procurement is the Municipality of Shumen, and its subject is road construction works related to troubleshooting /by building new/ on the sidewalks of the streets, layout of recreation and entertainment areas in the Municipality of Shumen and RSMR paving on “Tsar Osvoboditel” Street in the town of Shumen. Some of the performed repair and construction - installation works include: construction of sidewalks with asphalt concrete and restoration of pavement, laying of crushed stone pavement, construction of curbs, paving and others. The separate functional areas for recreation and entertainment support the development of the social environment of the city. All facilities are designed to be used by disadvantaged children, and the landscaped areas are accessible to people with disabilities. The landscaping includes execution of sandstones, shock-absorbing flooring, planting of different types of vegetation and others.