Residential building with dental office and beauty center

Year started: 2016 Жилищна сграда със стоматологичен кабинет и Козметичен център
Readiness State
Opening of a construction site / Act 2
Excavation activities
Rough construction
Act 14
Finishing works
Exterior facade
Completion of construction / Act 15
Permission for use / Act 16
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The building has a height of 9.50 m. to the north and 11.55 m. at the other end point on the same facade, as it has three and four storeys, respectively, to “Stefan Karadzha ”and “Saedinenie” Street, with heights to the east of 11.40 m and to the west - 11.09 m.

The built-up area of ​​the basement is 237.07 m²

The built-up area on the first floor is 146.63 m²

The built-up area on the second floor is 154.21 m²

The built-up area on the third floor is 157.80 m²

The built-up area on the fourth floor is 65.61 m²

The total built-up area of ​​the building is 523.94 m²