Multifunctional sports ground in the village of Naum

Year started: 2018 Спортна площадка с. Наум
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 The newly built sports ground combines several sports - mini football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. The access to the site is solved with an alley with a width of 2.00 m and paved concrete floor with two types of prints. The contours of the alley are lined with 20 cm strips of imitation paving, and the rest is solved with a stamp imitating a tile path.

 The multifunctional site has dimensions of 20.00 / 40.00 m and has a bright three-layer acrylic flooring, with a rubber pad, with a base of reinforced polished concrete. The site is secured by building a special fencing system made of galvanized steel wire.

 To the west and east of the sports ground, there are 10 benches, including for people with disabilities, namely seat height 50 cm, armrest height 70 cm and 6 trash cans.

 A suitable lighting energy-saving installation with LED floodlights has been built.

 The multifunctional sports ground in the village of Naum is expected to significantly improve the access of the population to sports and to provide opportunities for active activities and outdoor recreation.