Residential building with offices, stores and garages

Year started: 2015 Заглавна–Суха река-сграда
Readiness State
Opening of a construction site / Act 2
Excavation activities
Rough construction
Act 14
Finishing works
Exterior facade
Completion of construction / Act 15
Permission for use / Act 16
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Underground garages Ground floor

Floor 1 Floor 2

Floor 3 Floor 4

Floor 5 Floor 6

Floor 7



The project comprises a multi-familial residential building located in Mihail Sarafov Str. in Suhata Reka quarter. The building is amidst a quiet area with a plenty of air, surrounding space and free parking lots around. The construction of a metro station in the immediate vicinity is forthcoming. Apartments, garages and commercial outlets are situated on the following floor levels: ground floor, seven residential floors above and a basement. The ground floor comprises the main entrance to the residential premises with a lobby, staircase connecting the floors, staircase to the basement as well as passenger elevator. On the ground floor elevation there are three more commercial outlets facing the street and seven garage cells accessible from the back yard. On the basement there are warehouses of the three commercial sites, a staircase landing and elevator, distribution unit, servicing premises, as well as underground garage area. Heating supply is also planned.

      There are 26 apartments in the building. On the first, second, third and fourth floor there are 5 apartments, on the fifth floor the apartments are 4 and there are 2 penthouse apartments on the sixth floor. Even though there is an internal connection through a metal spiral staircase to the upper level of the penthouses, an access from the staircase is also provided. The apartments vary in size, their functional layout is almost identical, but with each floor the configuration changes, which enables the buyer to choose.

     The entrance to the underground garage is via a ramp. To limit access to the property 2 barriers to the underground parking and the backyard of the building are provided.

     The building is of solid structure, reinforced with vertical load-bearing elements - columns and horizontal diaphragm walls and bearing elements - slabs and beams.

      The facade and interior partition walls are made of masonry with Porotherm bricks by the Austrian manufacturer Wienerberger.