Grant contract under OP Human resources development 2014 - 2020

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18 July 2016

On 18.07.2016 JSP – STIL Ltd concluded Grant Contract BG05M9OP001-1.003-0497-C01 under Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2014 - 2020, procedure BG05M9OP001-1.003 New job position 2015, Priority axis 1: “Improving access to employment and quality jobs.”


Project title: "Investments in creation of new jobs – a pledge for the sustainable and competitive development of JSP STIL Ltd.

The period for implementation of the Contract is 14 months. The projects starts on 18.07.2016 and ends on 18.09.2017.

JSP STIL commences its operations in the year 1991 as a limited liability company registered under the Commerce Act. To date the company implements a number of projects in the field of construction, renovation of buildings, improving their energy efficiency, providing accessible environment for people with disabilities to private and public buildings, construction of playgrounds and facilities, rehabilitation of parks and gardens, etc. Behind the successful implementation of these projects stands the work and efforts of more than 50 employees currently employed at the company.

 With the implementation of the current project the company JSP STIL plans to carry out the following main activities:


  •                    Hiring of unemployed persons for a period up to 12 months for the positions of "worker, construction", "workers, brick and plasters laying", “finisher, concrete casing”, “worker, ground coat laying”


  •                    Provision of the necessary equipment for creation of the job positions created under the project, including personal protective equipment for all new employees


The implementation of these activities will provide permanent employment for 14 unemployed young people aged up to 29 years, 3 unemployed persons having lower than secondary education, as well as three unemployed persons aged over 54 years for whom at the company there will be created and equipped a total of 20 new jobs.

The total eligible costs for implementation of the contract amount to BGN 211 820.40, of which BGN 211 820.40 representing grants and BGN 0.00 own funding