Our vision is addressed to our clients. We provide them with the opportunity to make an informed choice and receive from us the highest quality at optimal price within the set limits. We aspire to become incontestable leader in modern construction through flexible solutions and state-of-the-art visionary approach. We insist on leaving behind stylish, attractive and reliable buildings and facilities. We offer innovative services provided in a recognizable manner. In any instant, the world around us changes at hectic pace. Understanding this, it is important to us to work incessantly and comprehend in depth the needs of our clients and partners, to improve our model of work. We follow and analyse the development of the construction sector and we plan accelerated development strategies, strategy of forecasting and satisfaction of the future consumer needs.


Our mission is a “business with a human face". The incessant efforts of the company are directed towards following the mission to which we have dedicated ourselves. We work with inspiration and professionalism for the constant increase and maintenance of our clients’ satisfaction. We offer proven quality and reputation, secured by our long-year experience and successful development of the company. To us it is of exceptional importance to be loyal and to invoke trust in all with whom we work while complying with our time limits and contractual relations. We view the commitments that we have assumed with a focus on the target and a sense of duty. We always fulfil our promises and even exceed the expectations of our clients. We work in a dedicated manner in order to attain maximum results. We value all our clients and partners, we treat them in a fair and honest manner, creating maximum comfort and security. We insist on providing them with transparent and comprehensive information, build stable relations based on mutual trust. We strive after maintaining the highest possible quality of service, to be consistent in each action. We view the development of the relations with our clients and partners as a long-term process, in which respect and unified work standard occupy a leading position.


We gradually and reasonably set our objectives higher and higher. What we want to achieve is to extend the capacity of the company, the range of activities that we perform, to offer more unique buildings of exquisite level, which in turn will improve not only our surroundings but also the quality of life in Bulgaria. One of our main objectives is to attract more resources, which we are to distribute properly and to enrich our team with experts who will contribute to the company and to the improvement of its operations.


The aspiration towards development and perfection poses before us the main tasks, namely to increase the number of employees at the company. A leading factor for performance of this task is the extension of our range and field of operations. Grading should be present both in the staff number and in the working environment and satisfaction of our employees. Enhancing the quality of the product that we offer is a task that is never left last on our list and urges the company to ever greater challenges.

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